My village

My name is Pema Khando.  I am from Samdo village of Gorkha district to learn at Kathmandu.It is small but beautiful.It lies nearby Manaslu so many tourists came to our village to visit the view of Manaslu and our village also.My village is surrounded by three big rivers and thick forests.Different types of animals and … Continue reading My village


By Tenzin Choezin Tornado is an extreme is very can destroy many houses ,life and property. it mainly stay about half hour. At first it seen like great giant elephant trunk letter it change shape like cone. Before coming tornado we  should make plan.we should have supplies.

Copycat animal

Tashi Deckyi There are many copycat animal in this world.they are found in different places like some are found in forest,some are found in desert,some are found under the water.some copycats animal are leafy sea dragon,leaf insect,snake,tiger,frog,cheetah,mimic octopus,etc.they resemble them selves to protect them from their enemies.but some resemble themselves to frighten their prey.


Peace is that which all people needed. Most of people peace get from music. Some do meditation to get peace. Peace make people active and happy. When there was occasion  people used to dance and sing music with musical instrument to get peace to all. Now a day Government used to make different programs about … Continue reading Peace


A very speed wind coming form once place to another place is called storm. it destroyed many houses and many people lifes.its is cause by extreme weather. its is also cause in Nepal also.if is unfortunately come there is no chance to go live in. By Tenzing Tsundue  


English is an world wide and the most dominant language in the world. Every one i seven people speak English and it is widely used in the communication and medias like electronic media, print media and so on. One of its important domain is Education. It is used in Education all over the world either one way … Continue reading English