My parent

My name is Tsering Dolma.Parent is my first god.They do many thing for me,my brother and my two younger sister.When I am 11 year old.My parent decide that send me in Namgyal school.I live in Mugu.We came here in 2012.Now a day my parent go to India to do work because they can not pay fee for my younger sister by living here.Sometime they call us and say that they will come fast and fast but they lie us.They work hard but they never show us there sadness.They lie us that they have so many money but they have not enough money to buy there own clothes.They buy us whatever we need.I saw my parent have not many cloth.They never buy any clothes.They think that they make us happy by buying everything for us.LOVE YOU PARENT.If I got a change then I wish I get same parent in next generation.


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