English is an world wide and the most dominant language in the world. Every one i seven people speak English and it is widely used in the communication and medias like electronic media, print media and so on. One of its important domain is Education. It is used in Education all over the world either one way or the other.

Nepal is not English speaking country, nor it is used here in day to day life. However it is highly used in Education sector. In Nepal, English is the mandatory subject in the school curriculum. English is taught in Nepal as a foreign language. But there is vast gap between government schools and private schools in terms of English proficiency level. Private schools of Nepal is far better than the government ones. Private schools are well equipped and hard working and efficient manpower than government schools.

Though the  teachers in the government schools are highly qualified and well trained, they seem less effective and found negligence in them. It is very difficult to find government schools with well equipped lab and resource materials in Nepal. If found, they are not properly used. Nepalese teachers hardly use teaching materials, reference sources and rarely prepare daily lesson plans. So, there is vast difference in the educational quality that government schools of Nepal provide from private schools.

Government of Nepal seems to have turned deaf ear in this matter. There are many agencies and government officials assigned to  invigilate and investigate such cases, they are easily trapped by some bribe or political hello-effect. Politics in Education is the most dangerous cause of declining educational quality in Nepal.

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