The Value of Mother

As we all know that what is the meaning of mother? Mother is human who has womb. They give birth to us. She kept us nine month in her womb by avoiding different types of things according to their health while they are pregnancy. When we grow up, she sent us in good school to … Continue reading The Value of Mother

My Access Experience

my name is Tsewang LHAMO.In first day our access class was began we feel very nervous.My friend are also feel nervous.we play games in class and outside also.sometime we went outside.we went in patan to paint  on well.  

My Sister

My sister name is Pema Youdon  she is 26 years old sister She live in village Sister is very importan for my life because my sister like my mother when i am problems i always sare my sister  She solve my problems She is kind and helping other I love my sis very much When … Continue reading My Sister

My parent

My name is Tsering Dolma.Parent is my first god.They do many thing for me,my brother and my two younger sister.When I am 11 year old.My parent decide that send me in Namgyal school.I live in Mugu.We came here in 2012.Now a day my parent go to India to do work because they can not pay … Continue reading My parent

Our School

My name is Tseten Dolma and school name is Namgyal Middle Boarding School.In this school there are many student and staff.We have grade from K.G to 8.We get many knowledge from this school.our school is established on 1981A.D. Our school is located in Swayambhu at Namgyal our school there are so many games and … Continue reading Our School


my girlfriend just broke up with me... because she think that i am a childish..... so i take a deep breath and went to her home...ring the bell and ran away...   Tenzin Norgyal  

My village – Yangzom Lama

My name is Yangzom lama.I'm from Samdo village.It lies in the mountain region of Nepal.Most of tourist visit my village to see a natural  beauty like snow cape mountains,colorful flowers,cultural dresses etc. People of my village are Tibetan and we follow our Tibetan's cultures and traditions.We celebrate A New Year,Dachang, Buddha Jyanti, Saka Dawa etc.                                                                                                                                                                            … Continue reading My village – Yangzom Lama